Weekly Roundup 2/10

Subscriptions are all the rage…
“The Way You Buy Apps is About to Change.”

Siri is already too pushy for my liking…

“Microsoft Cortana Can Learn Your Email Commitments And Hold You Accountable To Make Good On Them.”

And don’t get me started about how few women there are in Silicon Valley…
“Tech Still Doesn’t Get Diversity. Here’s How to Fix It.”

What happens when the houses can outsmart us?
10 devices you need for an ultimate smart home in 2017: Amazon Echo, Nest Cam Indoor, Ecobee3 and others

Anybody surprised by this? Can I get a show of hands?
Trump’s FCC Pick Doesn’t Bode Well For Net Neutrality

And what do we do in the meantime?
5 Tech Leaders Who Could Take on Trump in 2020

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