Weekly RoundUp -2/17



Here are my favorite tech stories from the week. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Apple Will Fight ‘Right to Repair’ Legislation
This story, to me, is ridiculous. Why any lay person would want to take apart and fix their own iPhone is beyond me. I’ve been trained to do so and believe me, it f*cking sucks. Let the professionals handle it, I beg you.

Apple debuts ‘Planet of the Apps’ trailer for new Apple Music series
If this is the best in the way of orginial content Apple has to offer, Netflix has nothing to worry about.

Tech boards in dire need of women’s touch
I’m going to file this one under “Duh!”. I’ve been saying this for years…

Why Facebook could be where you find your next tech job
Watch out, Linkedin. Facebook is coming for ya.

How Ashton Kutcher is building tech to fight child sex traffickers
You may not like him as an actor, but you have to respect him as a man. Well done, Mr. Kutcher.

Cyber steers clear of tech vs. Trump feud

This could get ugly.

Tech groups gear up for FISA surveillance fight
I have a feeling the fear of bad hombre’s will eventually win out.

The Female Governors’ Summit aims to get more girls into tech

Yay! More of this, please!

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