How to Hide an IP Address on a Mac



By Xugro Xiphius of Techwalla

There are times when you might want to hide your IP (Internet Protocol) address when using your Mac. Your IP address can reveal information about your location and ISP (Internet Service Provider) that could be used by advertisers, corporations or anyone who is curious. Hiding your IP address is a great way to protect your online privacy and remain anonymous. The Tor client is one way to make your Internet use anonymous. But it is impossible to completely hide your IP address.

Step 1
Visit the Tor website and download the version of Tor appropriate for your system. There are Mac, Windows and Linux versions available.

Step 2
Install Tor and restart your computer. Launch the Vidalia application, which is part of the installation, to start running Tor.

Step 3
Configure your browser (preferably Firefox) to work with Tor. The installer will automatically install Torbutton to Firefox, which allows the user to toggle Tor “on” and “off.”

Step 4
Disable browser plug-ins, such as Java and Flash, that might bypass Tor and reveal your IP address without your knowing it. View the plug-ins you have installed by typing “about:plugins” (without quotes) in your address bar. To disable a plug-in, open the “Add-ons” list under “Tools,” and then disable the plug-in of your choice.

Step 5
Use a Web-based proxy service instead of Tor if you’re only interested in Web-based anonymity. Eat Proxy maintains a list of popular and new proxy services to make Web browsing anonymous.

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