App of the Week: The Great Coffee App


By Preshit Deorukhkar of Beautiful Pixels

Coffee lovers and connoisseurs have never been far from some excellent content about their favorite brew. Be it sites like Brew Methods, ventures like Ethical Coffee Chain or apps like Barista or Spro — a lot of us take pride in our love for coffee and knowing about the various coffees out there.

The Great Coffee App is another stunning coffee app for coffee lovers by the team at Mobile Creators. The app has a gorgeous collection of photos of 17 (including one that you have to unlock by sharing) different coffee cups, along with a short description of each. Each of the coffee cups has been meticulously crafted to perfection, showing you what ingredients make up that perfect cup.

You are presented a cut section of each cup, showing you how your coffee would look from the sides. You can toggle through three different views for each coffee by tapping once on the screen — either a beautiful shot of the coffee with a side item to go along with it against a blurred background, a cropped shot next to a description of the coffee or the cut section with labels for each layer of ingredient. There is some incredible detail in the shots of each coffee, including steam rising out of the hot cups. The developers also commissioned some custom music to be played in the background and while it’s good, it tends to get annoying a while later.

The app is essentially a slideshow of different coffees, so you can swipe left or right in whichever mode you’re in. You can star your coffees so you know which ones you’ve already tried or like. There’s even a grid view that shows you all the coffees at a glance. Unfortunately, while the app excels in terms of pixels, it severely lacks content. I wish the app also included recipes for the coffees or any additional info about them. I’d have loved to see some best practices or simple brew methods about those.

The Great Coffee app is only available for iOS.


Do you have a favorite coffee (or similar) app? Sound off in the comments below!!

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