How to use Google Calendar’s Smart Meeting Scheduler


Like many of you, I live and die by my Calendar. If it’s not on my calendar, it’s not happening! Luckily for users like us, developers are starting to build in features to make recording Calendar events easier and much more fluid. Take Google Calendar’s Smart Meeting Scheduler, for instance. Intelligent tools to recognize meeting locations and time zones that will prevent confusion in the long run. It won’t be long before other Calendar makers will implement these tool into their programs, making them the norm; not the exception.

BY FREIA LOBO via Mashable

Scheduling meetings on Google Calendar is now a whole lot easier. 

A recent update to Google Calendar implemented one of the better features of the iOS and Android apps — intelligent suggestions for meeting times, so you no longer have to worry to make sure the rooms and times work well for everyone – the calendar takes care of it for you.

Room Suggestions

When you create a meeting, Google Calendar automatically suggests meeting rooms based on the information provided by your organization. Room suggestions are also now based on attendee’s previously used rooms.

Attendee Time Zones

It can be tricky creating an event with attendees in multiple timezones. The Find a Time feature already allows you to view multiple calendars side by side so you can find a time that works for everyone, but the update now includes the timezones for the host and attendees.

The suggestions factor in the times when all attendees usually have meetings, to make sure that the time is suitable to everyone. If no times work, the Calendar looks at other conflicting meetings that might easily be moved. Now you can make sure you don’t schedule an 11 p.m. meeting for your coworkers in Asia again!

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