WIT: Working On An IMac From A Train Is A Middle Finger To Portability




By Carissa Lintao of The Next Web

The days of complaining about commuting are over ー for this woman anyways. Our unnamed, heroine took a seemingly unproductive commute into her own hands by setting up a 21- inch iMac (and keyboard) on a folding tray.
Women in tech, meet your new leader.

No one knows her story, but we do know that she is a committed, independent woman. The commute queen planned this endeavor as soon as she booked her first class ticket to London. She carried all the equipment onto the train herself ー no man in sight. She hooked up a personal office space WeWork should be jealous of ー no engineer in sight. And she’s probably on call with management having none of their petty problems ー no care in sight.

She is everything we commuters should aspire to be and more. All while staying hydrated and looking Pinterest perfect.

The man who captured the mystery woman in action is David Hill, a humble tech advisor from Texas. “I had to look twice, I was shocked to see such a large computer on the small table,” Hill said in an interview with the Telegraph. “I am still puzzled why someone would carry a desktop computer around, when a laptop would give her the same options, with more portability.”


Oh, Commute queen, thank you for being an example of commitment and hard work to us all.

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