App of the Week: RoboKiller

RoboKiller iOS App REVIEW Stops Spam Calls Freeing You from Unwanted Telemarketers



It’s a godsend and a must have for all who use smartphones.

by Nicholas Calderone of MacSources

When the spam calls started for me it was the, “Hi, I’m from Microsoft and your computer is doing some weird things on our network.” I immediately knew this was a spam call because I do not own a Windows computer. I always got a kick out of harassing the callers and I would play along and keep them on the phone for as long as I could. When they would ask me to download their file I would tell them I was getting donkeys flying across my screen or that I was seeing thousands of Error 32 messages popping up all over the place. I would do my best to confuse and aggravate them until they would hang up on me.


As much fun as I would have with these calls at some point they become annoyances. Not long after I noticed the Microsoft calls, automated calls started to pour in and I found myself answering calls that would infuriate me because I had no way to make them stop. Adding your number to the do not call registry once per year never really did anything to stop these bloodsucking cell monsters. I had true hatred in my heart every time I answered the phone.

Thanks to a friend of mine and the amazing team at TelTech, this problem of the phone parasite has almost been completely lifted from me. I no longer have to wonder if the call coming through will be one of importance or junk trying to waste my time or trick an elderly person. RoboKiller is an iOS app that frees you from the phone game. The app reduces unwanted calls by blocking numbers that are identified as spam callers and it does it automatically. It is essentially a filter for all your phone calls to go through. Once the incoming call number is ‘cleared’, the call will go through to your phone and you can answer it like normal. Calls are blocked using a patented FTC-award winning technology.


Once a user blocks a number, it is sent to the RoboKiller command center where it is then analyzed. At that point, a determination is made about where or not to share it with the shared spam list for all users. RoboKiller’s commands center analyzes the Caller ID of hundreds of thousands of anonymous calls per day and it’s able to detect spammers faster than any other company. The spam list Is updated twice an hour to make sure that users are constantly protected. Users have the ability to view missed and blocked calls in the Spam Box and you can even listen to the calls. Even though RoboKiller is pretty much an automated service, you have the ability to control the blocked calls. You can always whitelist a number or if a spam call does get through, you have the power to blacklist it manually.

RoboKiller is very easy to set-up. It is free but has some premium services you can select through In-app Purchases. To get set-up you simply follow the in-app instructions and in a few minutes, you will be done. First, you enter your phone number. The app uses that to verify the phone number is yours. You will be sent an SMS with a verification code that you will need to enter. After you verify your number, you will see a screen that gives you some stats about the app along with a button for a RoboKiller Membership for one month. If you select the membership option, you will be able to start a free trial (one week) and will be charged automatically once a month after that for your subscription. You have the option to cancel the subscription as long as you do it at least one day before the free trial ends.


Next, RoboKiller will ask you to allow notifications and allow access to your contacts. One of the ways that the app identifies ‘cleared’ calls is to recognize the ones that are already in your contacts. After you’ve selected your preferences for these items, you will be asked to enable RoboKiller through the Settings app. Finally, you will be asked to activate the service by calling a phone number. The app will then place a test call with a known blocked number. If all goes well, the call will be filtered and you won’t receive it. You do have to make sure WiFi is disabled when you place the activation call or the process won’t work.

Once you finish the set-up process you will immediately be taken to your Spam Box, which will show you some stats and give you the option to review your recent blocked calls. One of the really cool things about the app is the setting for Answer Bots. What this does is give you a chance to give spammers an actual recording to respond to. Some of these options include Number Disconnected, What’s Going On?, or Bad Cold. I like this feature because it provides users with a chance to sort of get back at their spammers.


RoboKiller is not only an easy app to use, but it’s also a life saver. With the rise in spam calls lately and RoboKiller’s ability to block up to 85% of them, why wouldn’t you give it a try? This app gives you the ability to reclaim your life. I’ve had very good luck with it and found that I no longer feel anxiety when the phone rings because I don’t have to deal with those horrible calls any longer.

Download – RoboKiller – FREE – with In-App Purchases

How do you deal with Robo Calls? Tell us about it in the comments below!!

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