How to: use Scribble on Apple Watch to text without voice



By Michael Potuck of 9to5Mac

You’ve probably seen or used the Scribble feature on Apple Watch to send a message discreetly. But do you know about the slick Digital Crown predictive text feature to become an efficient and fast scribbler? Follow along for more…

While Scribbling out letters can work for succinct texts, it’s not the best fit for medium or longer texts. Luckily Apple built a predictive text feature that’s activated by turning the Digital Crown when scribbling.

How to use scribble on Apple Watch to text without voice

1 Open Messages on Apple Watch and tap on a conversation
2 Tap on Scribble
3 Scribble a letter or two and then turn the Digital Crown to get suggestions
4 Let go on the word you’d like to use and Messages will select it and add a space after the word

This takes a little getting used to, but can become quite efficient and handy once you’ve got some muscle memory for it.

You can even use the Digital Crown auto-suggestions to pull up an emoji


Apple notes in a support document that you can currently scribble in the following languages:
• English (Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States)
• French (France and Canada)
• German*
• Italian
• Spanish
• Simplified Chinese
• Traditional Chinese

Have you tried Scribbling on your Apple Watch? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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