Weekly Round Up 8/24/18




What about the TSA Pre-Checklist?
US airports’ new facial recognition tech spots first imposter

I need to update my list…

10 female tech innovators you may not have heard of

Just like everything else…
U.S. lagging behind in race for tech supremacy

Manterruptions is my favorite new word…

Managing Manterruptions and her dog’s Instagram

Does my iPhone make my butt look big?

The 15 Best Tech Gadgets for Going Back to School and the Office

A $1,000 iPhone isn’t a luxury?!
The Crowded Market for Luxury Tech


They needed these 10 years ago…

Weekly Round Up 3/16/18



Will we see a $1500 iPhone later this year because of it? That’s the real question.
Trump’s tech tariffs may lead to higher prices for US consumers.

What do you want to bet Trump tries to impose tariffs on blockchains next?
Huawei Is Building Tech That Can Stress Test Blockchains.

Um…Denny’s should just focus on not serving me a plate of salmonella with a side of racism.

Every Restaurant Wants to Be a Tech Company Now—Even Denny’s


As they should…
Tech’s biggest leaders pay tribute to Stephen Hawking

Which is why I have my Siri set to be male and British.
Fun fact of the day: Voice recognition tech is naturally sexist

I feel like this is not really news. I assumed all facilities that size are using Facial Recognition as a form of security. Then again, maybe I’ve seen too many episodes of Homeland.
Madison Square Garden Has Been Secretly Using Face Recognition Tech: Report

Silicon Valley will blame our Tech Addiction on anything if it’ll take the scrutiny off of them.
Has dopamine got us hooked on tech?

Yeah, I think I’ll wait for version 2.0…
A startup is pitching a mind-uploading service that is “100 percent fatal”

Weekly Round Up 2/16/18


Because plastic surgery and Witness Protection are no longer enough…
Israeli tech firm undercuts facial recognition to bolster privacy.

Swipe left.
This Valentine’s Day, Considering Tech That Keeps Couples Together.


It’s nice to see at least one industry embracing diversity.
The Founders Bringing Sex Tech to the Masses


Um, they shouldn’t have to prove anything…
Anne-Marie Imafidon: Stemettes prove that girls can flourish in tech and science.


Imagine that! New jobs being created that aren’t even related to coal!
Rise of the data protection officer, the hottest tech ticket in town


Because they can’t seem to figure out how to hire more women themselves?!
IBM and Microsoft battle over top workplace diversity exec


Of course we did.
How Women and Tech Took Over Porn: Inside the 2018 AVNs


This coming from the guy who made his millions from a piece of stolen software…
Bill Gates: It’s ‘scary to me’ that technology can empower small groups to do great harm.


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