How to Disable Press Home Button to Unlock in iOS 10


While there are many, many new features to LOVE about Apple’s mobile device software iOS 10, I have to admit the particular addition made me want to pull my hair out. iOS 10 has changed how we get into our iPhones. No longer does the fingerprint sensor on the Home Button give you entrance to the phone. It unlocks the phone, but you now have to press the home button to get past the lock screen. I’m sure there was a perfectly logical reason to justify this change, but after 4 weeks of testing the Beta version of iOS 10, I couldn’t adapt to the change. After doing some researching, I came across a fix that saved my hair.

It’s a pretty simple fix and I was a little ticked at myself for not figuring out on my own, but I’m gonna lay the Blonde card down and slowly back away…

This is from the original article by Paul Morris on Redmond Pie.

Step 1: As with most processes that involve changing, disabling, or enabling something in iOS, our journey begins in the native Settings application. Launch the app to begin the process.

Step 2: When in Settings, navigate to General > Accessibility.

Step 3: Accessibility is literally packed full of options and really excellent things that individuals can use to make the iOS system a nicer place to be. However, in this instance, we are concerned with the section titled Home Button. Tap on that cell to continue.



Step 4: At the bottom of the Home Button preferences is an option that’s titled Rest Finger to Open. Apple defines this feature as “open iPhone with Touch ID, without having to press the Home button.” So essentially, it takes the unlocking of the device back to the older method of simply resting the finger on the Touch ID/Home button. Toggle the Rest Finger to Open switch to the On position in order to enable this functionality and disable iOS 10’s default “Press home to unlock” / “Press home to open” feature.






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